In 2013, this institution was bought and opened and required support and care for its new patients. Come and join us, why don't you?
Mansford Institute

Edmund Bishop || Age: 31|| Guard || FC: Ian Somerhalder || OPEN

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Job Description: Under no circumstance has Edmund ever found himself to care about any of the patients- all he knows is how much he enjoys to see them suffer. He keeps watch over the exits and patient wings, only to make sure that nobody escapes, making him lose another victim. 

Six Traits: 

Quote: "Cruelty is one of the chief ingredients of love."
Biography: One could easily figure out that Edmund Bishop was born a sadist as well as a sex addict, but he was never diagnosed as such for his entire early life. Because of this, he roamed free during his childhood, slicing and dicing small woodland creatures around his family’s small farm, his family never noticing anything odd about his behaviour, seeing as he was their only son, and there wasn’t another young boy for miles around. When he became a teenager, he couldn’t help but want to experiment with sex, and he would steal his dad’s car for days at a time to go to towns where he was unknown, looking for any woman. At the age of 15, after two years of looking, he lost his virginity as well as a part of his mind to his neighbor’s wife and their bed. From then on, he found an exhilirating rush to first sleep with committed women and then drop hints to the man in the relationship as to torture the couple into ending their connections. By his early twenties, he had ruined 6 marriages, 8 engagements, and 9 other relationships, keeping track of his accomplishments in a small notebook he kept hidden in between his mattress and the bed frame.

He travelled across the country seeking out anyone to sleep with, and over time it developed into a ritual for him. Edmund would take them to bed then cut them open, leaving the bodies in public places with their insides spilling out for the world to see. After four years of this, the authorities managed to trace it all back to him, and he was arrested, deemed insane, and sent to his first mental institution. Even inside the stone walls of the asylums, his traditional killing continued, his hunger for sex and blood only growing larger. At the age of 26, the amount he had killed had spiked to 23 victims, and all the staff of the institutions he went to could do nothing but send him to isolation and tell him not to do it again, but nothing could stop him, and it wasn’t before long before he found a way to escape. 

At one point Edmund was one of the most-wanted people in England, and he was forced to stop his killings as to keep low. When he was certain that nobody remembered him any longer, he realized that the best place for him was a place of power, a place where nobody would suspect him of anything. Almost immediately he stumbled across the ad for an open guard position at Mansford. Edmund forged an identity, and got accepted as staff at the institution. To him, it seemed like the perfect place to continue his plans. 

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